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How Assisted Bathing Can Be Made Safer

While showering may seem more time-efficient and hygienic than bathing, there are many reasons why bathing is the preferred option in residential care.

For a start, many residents prefer it because of the greater dignity it affords them compared with the increased exposure and physical contact involved in assisted showering. Being immersed in water and surrounded by the bathtub, they feel less exposed.

If they have muscular weakness or arthritic joints, standing or even sitting in a shower can cause discomfort or even pain. Fear of tripping, slipping or falling may also cause anxiety.

Carers also prefer bathing residents to shower them. They too prefer the privacy afforded to the patient and the reduced need for physical contact, and the lower risk of injury to the resident. They remain drier, which is safer and more comfortable for them, and engagement with the bather is improved.

But bathing also brings challenges and the greatest of them all is manual handling. If handling equipment is inadequate, incompatible or simply missing, they run a significantly lower risk of injury, particularly in bariatric care. Musculoskeletal injuries are a frequent cause of sick leave among carers, and can even be permanent and life-changing.

Eastern Adaptations create total assisted bathing solutions for residential care homes and have a wide range of products designed to keep assisted bathing safe, efficient and dignified. Fixed and mobile hoists can be used to transfer bathers in and out of standard baths, while assisted baths with features such as integral transfer seats, leg raisers and adjustable height deliver optimum efficiency.

With their assessment and installation teams covering the UK, Eastern Adaptations ensure that all adaptation projects are carried out efficiently, on time, and with minimal disruption.

If you would like more information on their complete product range and services, call Eastern Adaptations on 0800 468 1023 or email

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