Assisted Baths

Healthcare providers have a duty of care to ensure the safety, assurance and dignity of clients, and this is particularly important when considering suitable bathing facilities for users with reduced mobility.

An assisted bath combines the wellbeing benefits of immersive bathing, with enhanced accessibility that reduces carer intervention, and innovative design that minimises water consumption and utility bills.

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Assisted baths are manufactured in a wide range of designs, incorporating many labour saving and cost efficient features. While no bath offers all of these, it’s worth considering what options are available and might best suit your needs.

EA Mobility offers a wide range of solutions to meet your requirements.

bathroom adaptation for the disabled

Transfer seats

A transfer seat allows the bather to be placed comfortably in a sitting position alongside the bath and then carried effortlessly over the edge of the bath and immersed in the water. The bather remains on the seat while washing and is then returned to the start position outside the bath.

Transfer seats may be manually operated or electrically powered.

Some also feature leg-lift, which supports the bather’s legs at the back of the calves and lifts them to a horizontal position while they are lifted across the bath edge and immersed in the water – particularly useful if the bather has limited lower limb strength or control.

Adjustable height

Height-adjustable legs make it easier for a bather with limited mobility to enter and exit the bath, and if carer assistance is required during bathing, reduces back strain for the carer caused by bending over.

A rise-and-fall bathing/changing platform enables a bather to be positioned horizontally and at a comfortable height if spinal stability is required or for removal of soiled clothing and disposables, and then lowered safely into the bath for washing. Returning to the ‘load’ position facilitates drying and re-dressing.

High speed, auto-fill and thermostatic fillers

If communal bathrooms are in constant use, high-speed filling systems can reduce occupancy time.

An auto-fill function allows the bather and carer to focus on bath preparation without attending to the bath, and controls water consumption more effectively.

A thermostatic filler guarantees the bath is filled with water at optimum temperature and prevents discomfort and potential scalding if the water needs refreshing or topping up.

Water saving design

Providing bathing facilities for a large number of care home residents can also use a lot of water. A keyhole bath design allows ample room for maneuverability in the seating area but is narrower where the legs and feet are placed to reduce water consumption.

Assisted Baths

Shower system

A hand held shower system can be used to wash hair, rinse the upper body and even combine water-saving showering with the seated comfort and support of a bath. Trigger operation also conserves water and prevents overspray during intermittent use.

Removable footboard

A removable footboard placed across the bath between the bather and the filler creates a barrier that isolates the bather from the filler and drain for a more comfortable and safer bathing experience.

Reclining bath

Often combined with an ergonomically contoured integral seat, a reclining bath promotes postural control and enhances bather comfort.

Integral hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and Bluetooth® sound systems

Delivering therapies with proven psychological and physiological benefits while attending to residents’ hygiene needs maximises the therapeutic value of bathing.

Antimicrobial properties

Assisted baths manufactured from materials with antimicrobial properties can reduce the risk of cross-contamination between bathers whose resistance to infection is likely to be compromised.


EA Mobility incorporate assisted baths into many care home adaptations. Our assessors cover the entire United Kingdom, and all work is carried out by our own installation teams to ensure the entire project is hassle free and with minimal disruption.

For more information on our complete product range and services, call EA Mobility on 0800 955 8810 or email

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