Assisted Baths

Assisted baths combine the wellbeing benefits of immersive bathing with enhanced accessibility, reducing carer intervention. They also feature innovative design to minimize water consumption and utility bills.

Moreover, assisted baths are manufactured in a wide range of designs, incorporating many labour-saving and cost-efficient features. While no bath offers all of these, it’s worth considering what options are available and might best suit your needs.


Assisted Baths with Transfer seats

A transfer seat facilitates placing the bather comfortably in a sitting position alongside the bath. It then allows for effortless carrying over the edge of the bath, immersing the individual in the water.

The bather remains on the seat while washing and is then returned to the start position outside the bath. There is a safety strap which ensures safe transferring of the bather.

Assisted Baths with Adjustable height

Height-adjustable lifting makes it easier for a bather with limited mobility to enter and exit the bath. It also reduces back strain for the carer caused by bending over if assistance is required during bathing.

High-speed, auto-fill and thermostatic fillers

An auto-fill function allows the bather and carer to focus on bath preparation without attending to the bath, and controls water consumption more effectively. A thermostatic filler guarantees the bath is filled with water at optimum temperature and prevents discomfort and potential scalding if the water needs refreshing or topping up.

Antimicrobial properties

These baths manufactured from materials with antimicrobial properties can reduce the risk of cross-contamination between bathers whose resistance to infection is likely to be compromised.

Assisted Bathing  High-speed, auto-fill and thermostatic fillers