Mobile and Fixed Hoists

Here at EA Mobility we supply a wide range of mobile and fixed hoisting systems.

Our product knowledge and experience in moving and handling will give you peace of mind that your staff and residents are in safe hands.

Challenges of Moving and Handling in Residential Care

Moving and handling in residential care can cause

  • Accidental injury both to carers and residents
  • Long-term and often life-changing pain and musculoskeletal disorders among carers
  • Discomfort and loss of dignity for residents

While training can alleviate some of these factors, using a hoist will make the biggest difference.

Ceiling Track Hoist
Hoisting systems

Various Mobile and Fixed Hoists

Here are a few examples of the hoisting systems we offer:

Mobile Hoists

These self-contained hoists are the most widely used system because of their versatility. Users can easily transport them and move them between rooms. People can use them to lift residents in and out of a bed or bath, on and off a toilet or chair, in and out of a vehicle, or even from the floor in the event of a fall.

Gantry Hoists

A gantry hoist is capable of hoisting across a distance of two to five meters without moving the gantry frame, whereas a mobile hoist would need to be moved while loaded to cover the equivalent distance. Therefore, a gantry hoist becomes the preferable option for medium-term use in a particular location.

Because it is freestanding, one can easily redeploy a gantry hoist when the requirement changes.

Ceiling Track Hoists

A ceiling track hoist is the best option for safe, efficient transfer where hoisting needs are more permanent and may be required between multiple points around a room.

Users may also operate ceiling track hoists without carer intervention, giving them greater independence and reducing staffing requirements.

However, using the correct type of hoist for each application is essential. This guide published by HSE illustrates that using a hoist improperly can be equally hazardous as not using one at all.

EA Mobility provides professional advice, design, installation and training to ensure carers and hoist users are kept safe.