Wet room Case Study

Mr & Mrs G came to us after having a bath taken out and a new shower put in 3 years previous. Mr G’s mobility was rapidly decreasing and he was starting to struggle getting in and out of the shower even with the tiny tray lip.

Mr & Mrs G were keen to have a solution that would be suitable for whatever potential deterioration that may arise in his mobility needs and requirements. With this in mind, we had to come up with a solution that would future proof their bathroom and ensure that the space was as safe as possible.

The Aim

To provide Mr G with a safe, future proofed bathroom space to enable Mr & Mrs G to remain comfortable living in their own home.

Our Solution

After carefully considering Mr & Mrs G’s needs, we came up with a scope of works that would cater to his mobility needs without compromising on the aesthetics. We felt that a wet room solution was the best way to achieve this which eliminated the step completely. This created a level access solution which would give him greater independence and safety when bathing.