Back-To-Wall Bariatric Toilets

The white stainless-steel back-to-wall bariatric heavy duty toilet pan is suitable for user weights up to 1000kg, or when used with the optional bariatric heavy duty toilet seat, weights up to 500kg.

This bariatric toilet pan is made from 2mm thick stainless steel, with a white, ceramic look Enviro-Glaze finish, providing a strong and durable toilet with an attractive look. Also, the pan has an ergonomically designed elongated bowl, with a smooth casing for ease of cleaning.

Back-to-wall toilet details

  • Maximum User Weight: 1000kg (500kg with optional bariatric seat)
  • Width (mm): 610
  • Depth (mm): 736
  • Height (mm): 425

Stainless Steel Bariatric Toilets

The stainless steel bariatric toilet has been designed with a load bearing toilet seat suitable for user weights up to 381kg, or when used without a seat, weights up to 1000kg. These bariatric WC pans are made from 1.5mm 304 stainless steel, with a polished satin surface finish, and is designed with curved edges.

Stainless Steel toilet details

  • Maximum User Weight: 1000kg (381kg with optional bariatric seat)
  • Width (mm): 600
  • Depth (mm): 555
  • Height (mm): 400
  • Weight (kg): 30

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