Healthcare Legal Teams

EA Mobility delivers home adaptation services by working with healthcare legal teams, which is one of the important ways they operate. These teams comprise personal injury lawyers, case managers, and court of protection solicitors.

Modified Kitchens for Disabled

Trusted Partnerships for Legal Teams and Case Managers

Finding and sourcing reliable, approved suppliers is not an easy task for anyone. Furthermore, it presents an even greater challenge for legal teams and case managers who are already very busy with other work.

Nevertheless, we understand that very well. This is why we applied for and were accepted and approved by the major authorities in the industry.

We work only with trusted manufacturers and suppliers across the UK to ensure we supply and fit the best equipment for all our clients and customers. Additionally, we operate a fully managed service from the initial meeting and brief. This includes services ranging from design, fitting, to after-care for bathroom and wet room adaptations of any size.

And that means working in close contact with our healthcare legal services partners. So if that’s you, or you simply want to find out more about what we do and how we can help, please get in touch on 0800 955 8810.

Why Choose EA Mobility

Typically, adaptations are carried out by general contractors. However, their expertise isn’t specifically tailored to dealing with those with disabilities. EA has identified a need within the market. Consequently, it is essential to approach it with care. Being able to offer that bit extra ensures that care goals are met. Moreover, clients’ experience is at the heart of everything we do.

There are three main offerings that allow us to meet these challenges:

  • Employed installation workforce
    It ensures we can deliver on our promises and not become reliant on external contractors to complete our projects, cutting out delays, unreliability, and poor-quality workmanship.
  • Fast lead times
    EA work to a 4–6-week lead time from signed order to commence our projects.
  • Expert advice and project ownership
    We dedicate a project manager to every project, regardless of the size. This ensures that communication is at its highest level with various stakeholders, such as OTs, Case Managers, and Legal teams.

Home Adaptation Solution

Adapted Kitchens

Adapted Kitchens

EA Mobility partnered with Symphony Kitchens as Freedom combine functionality and style, providing the independence you need.
wet bathroom

Wet Rooms

Ideal for individuals with limited mobility and those who require wheelchair access.
The Benefits of Bathing

Assisted Baths

An assisted bath combines the wellbeing benefits of immersive bathing, with enhanced accessibility that reduces carer intervention, and innovative design…

Portable Access Ramp

Specialist Enabling Equipment

At EA Mobility, we offer a wide range of lifting equipment, mobility accessories, and more to enhance the everyday lives of those who are disabled or have limited mobility.