Fixed Small Wash Hand Basin

The 600mm accessible wash basin, with two integrated handrails and a single 36mm tap hole, available with or without an overflow.
The wash basin has two integrated hand grips in the front for your support, and raised edges to prevent water running over the sides. The basin has an ergonomic shape to allow for wheelchair access underneath.

Fixed small basin details

  • Size: 600 mm
  • Colour: White

Manually Height Adjustable Wash Hand Basin

The manually height adjustable 780mm wash basin is controlled using a manual crank. The basin has two integrated handrails and a single 36mm tap hole, and is available with or without an overflow.
The height adjustable unit can change the wash basin height from 510mm to 710mm above the base of the unit by using included manual crank lever. The unit has a built in concealed flexible waste and trap.

Manual height adjustable basin details

  • Max Weight: 150 kg
  • Size: 780 mm
  • Colour: White
Manually height adjustable wash basin

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