Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve helped hundreds of people across the country to live more freely at home. Here are some of the most common questions asked by customers


If you have inquiries about accessible bathrooms, here are answers to our most frequently asked questions at EA Mobility, guiding you seamlessly from the initial enquiry to the installation process.

Do I need to come to your showroom to discuss my needs and requirements?

No, one of our team would be happy to come out to you to talk through your requirements, then assess and advise on solutions with suitable options. This is our preferred method as we can fully understand the challenges involved.

Will I have a choice of furnishings and accessorises?

Yes, we have a wide range of colours for the furnishings and accessories in our bathrooms, our assessors have many samples for you to look through and decide on.

Who oversees the work when the project commences?

Our project management team handles all aspects of our projects, from conception to completion.

How do I know that my care needs are being considered sufficiently?

This is what separates us from a standard bathroom installation company. Here at EA Mobility we understand the needs of our clients and provide expert advice based on your unique situation. Your care needs are our number one priority and we pride ourselves on blending functionality with flawless design.

What is the difference between a wet room and low profile shower room?

The term wet room is used to describe a level access shower arrangement where the shower is all on the same level. You do not need to step over a tray when getting in or out of a wet room as they are on the same level as the bathroom floor. Whereas, a low profile shower room is where a shower tray is fitted, thus creating a small step. A wet room facility is needed when the client is a wheelchair user or is very fragile on their feet and any step comes as a hazard.

How long does a bathroom adaptation usually take?

When a full bathroom adaptation takes place we would typically allow between one and two weeks, depending on the construction works required. As part of our service we would ensure that you understood how long your adaptation will take and what work will be carried out to give you peace of mind.

I only have a small bathroom, will this be a problem?

We have worked with some extremely small spaces but we always manage to meet the needs of the individual. With careful planning and design, our team are sure to come up with a flawless solution.

Will the floor be slippery if water is laying on it?

Slippery floors can be a problem if the wrong floor covering is used. We only use fully guaranteed anti-slip floor surfaces, and our surveys and assessors have samples of these to demonstrate their effectiveness to you.

I live in a flat, how can you achieve a level access shower if there is a flat below me?

There are a number of ways this can be achieved which is dependent on assessing the space. Our assessors will work with you and the space available to ensure that there is a solution.

What about guarantees?

We offer an installation lifetime guarantee on all of our solutions.

In addition, we carry forward all product manufacturer’s guarantees ranging from 5- 15 years.

Our Mobility Solutions

Wet Rooms

Our wet room solutions ensure that bathrooms remain suitable for your evolving mobility requirements.

Walk-in Showers

Our walk-in showers, with features like low-access tray, slip-resistant surface, and grab rail, offer safe and stylish bathing.

Walk-in Baths

Our walk-in baths offer safety, comfort, and style for the disabled, elderly, and those with mobility issues, customisable to your needs.