Access to a car opens endless opportunities for leading an independent lifestyle out of the home, but conventional vehicles are not designed with full accessibility in mind.  Vehicle access aids enable you to tailor the accessibility of your vehicle to your specific needs.

What are vehicle accessibility aids?

Car accessibility adaptations can be fitted to aid drivers and passengers when transferring in and out of a vehicle.

Who can use vehicle accessibility aids?

If you struggle to get seated into a standard car seat, there are a range of accessibility aids to benefit from. From a wheelchair user with complex physical disabilities or a lower limb amputee, to someone who is slightly unsteady on their feet.

What type of vehicle accessibility aids are available?

Transfer Plates

Transfer plates provide a stable temporary platform on the outer edge of the car seat to bridge the gap, enabling the user to pause and pivot. They are particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty lifting their legs or moving from a sitting to a standing position.

Side Steps

Site steps improve access to taller vehicles such as vans, buses, and 4x4s. They provide an additional platform to reduce the step height from the ground to the vehicle floor.

Person Hoists

Person hoists offer safe and easy access into conventional vehicles via a fitted sling. This transfer method removes the requirement for a caregiver to physically lift the user as part of their transfer in or out of the vehicle.

Swivel Seats

Swivel seats enable easy access by turning up to 90 degrees outside the vehicle, lowering, and even transferring from the vehicle entirely onto a frame. Suitable for most levels of mobility, a swivel seat increases the safety and comfortability of getting seated into and out of a vehicle.

How to obtain vehicle accessibility aids?

Speak with a vehicle adaptation supplier such as Mobility in Motion and they will talk you through the process of getting accessibility aids fitted into your car. From the mobility assessment and product compatibility to familiarisation demonstrations and installation, the team at Mobility in Motion will be able to advise on each step.

Call them on 0800 009 2338 or visit their website.

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