Claire Lomas MBE was a speaker at EA Mobility Christmas event for the whole team and we were humbled and priviledged to learn about her journey.

Claire suffered a spinal injury at a competitive sports event which left her paralysed from chest down. Despite this, she not only learned to live with the physical limitations her body now presented but thrive despite the challenges.

Claire is now a motivational speaker, best-selling author, charity campaigner and has raised over £850,000 for various causes for which she was awarded an MBE. She made worldwide headlines when she walked the London Marathon in 2012 using a robotic suit (taking 17 days). She is not content with just pushing the boundaries but prefers to be smashing them right out the way!

The team learned that everyone would face challenges throughout their lives and come up against obstacles which may feel like mountains; but our biggest asset is a positive mindset which enables us to achieve far more. The right attitude gives you power over your circumstances rather than your circumstances having power over you.

ea mobility team support Claire Lomas

In February Claire wrote a post below about the insufficient accessibility provision in public places and even hotels. Even though we are passionate about enabling the less-abled to stay in the comford of their own home, travelling and seeing the world is a great opportunity to learn and grow as a person. So of course as a team we would love to be able to support people wherever they happen to be with safe, comfortable and easy to use bathroom facilities.

So if you are a facilities manager, an OT or a business manager working with or in hotels please speak to us to assess your current facilities and ensure that the “adapted” bathrooms or “accessible” rooms are indeed fit for purpose and suitable for people who will use them.