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Everyone should be able to use and enjoy their kitchen. This is why EA Mobility has partnered with Symphony Kitchens, a leading designer and fitter of accessible kitchens. They have brought to market their Freedom range. This is an innovative collection of stylish kitchens designed to support independent living for family members with disability needs.

Freedom kitchens combine functionality and style. They provide the independence you need, so you can enjoy cooking and socialising in your kitchen space.

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Expertly Designed.

Utilising Symphony’s manufacturing expertise, Freedom has been designed and developed alongside leading accessible kitchen design expert Adam Thomas and is compliant with building regulations and the wheelchair housing design guide.

Freedom Symphony
Adapted Kitchen

Why Freedom?

Freedom seamlessly integrates special features, crafted to enable independent living, into a kitchen designed with contemporary flair. Every detail has been carefully considered to meet your individual needs and provide an effortlessly stylish living space.

Our kitchens can be customised to meet your personal requirements. From essential safety features and style without compromise, to easy access storage solutions and smart flexibility, rest assured we can design and supply an accessible kitchen space, brimming with great access and unique design features that are tailored to you.

Freedom caters for multi-generational living, where multiple generations share the same kitchen space and is suited to a wide range of disability needs including wheelchair users, amputees, ageing communities and those living with learning or visual impairments.

Create your Freedom kitchen in 5 easy steps

adapted kitchens design ideas

1. Plan your design

When designing your kitchen, it is important to carefully assess the available space to determine the layout that suits your needs. This is particularly important for creating accessible layouts and innovative designs that provide enhanced manoeuvrability and unique features.

  • Take into account fixed elements like doors and windows.
  • Consider the placement of your sink, hob, and appliances.

Identify the key elements you desire in your kitchen, such as ample work surface space, storage that is easily accessible, and a welcoming space for socialising with friends and family.

fitted accessible kitchen design
adapted kitchens for disabled

2. Make a wish list

A wish list is a good place to start your dream kitchen journey. It should contain useful details about your disability needs, family lifestyle and cooking habits, ready to discuss with our kitchen designer. Part of writing out your wish list is to make a list of appliances you would like built-in, such as coffee machines, microwaves, water coolers, wine racks and a fridge-freezer.

We’re firm believers in making a space your own. Existing accessories or heirloom statement pieces that you already own can transform your new kitchen into a more personal space.

3. Choose your kitchen style

Consider the style of cabinetry and handles, work surfaces, splashback and flooring to create your perfect Freedom look. We offer a wide range of styles, colours and finishes in Freedom, so there’s no need to compromise on style. Finishing touches such as lighting can also offer better visibility, boost mood and make your space more inviting. Don’t have a specific style in mind? We’ll help you choose the right features, textures and materials to match your vision and accessibility needs.

Download a brochure and start to consider the style of kitchen you would like to achieve.

adapted kitchens for disabled
adapted kitchen features lowering worktop

4. What features will you need?

When you’re planning your Freedom design, it’s important to consider the features you will need now and in the future:

  • Do you require a mixture of worktop heights (including rise and fall worktops) for all the family to use, or would a fixed worktop with electric wall cabinets be more practical?
  • Would you need features such as waterfall edge worktops to limit spillages and maximise workspace, or a combination of drawers and cabinets?
  • Think about where you would like to position appliances such as ovens and hobs, and consider any extra electrical connection points for future-proofing.

Using a combination of finishes on tall and base cabinets and effective contrasts in colour can create a clean, modern style.

5. Book your design visit

Our team of experts boasts a wealth of knowledge in accessible kitchen design, as well as bathroom adaptations like walk-in baths, walk-in showers and wet rooms. We’re confident that we can help you select the right products to meet your personal requirements, whether it’s an accessible kitchen for you or a loved one.

Get in touch to book an appointment for a free home assessment at a day or time that works for you.

Modified Kitchens for Disabled


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from customers.

Can the Freedom Kitchen Be Customised to Accommodate My Specific Disability Needs?

Yes, the Freedom kitchen is highly customisable. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, and we design a kitchen that caters specifically to those. This includes considering your disability needs, family lifestyle, cooking habits, and more.

How Does the Freedom Kitchen Cater For Multi-Generational Living?

The Freedom kitchen range is designed with the capability to cater for multi-generational living. We understand that a kitchen space might be used by family members of all ages and varying physical capabilities. Therefore, we focus on designing a space that allows for independent use by all family members, fostering a shared living experience.

How Do I Start Planning My Freedom Kitchen?

Planning your Freedom kitchen starts with a thorough consideration of your space, listing out your specific needs and desires for the kitchen (your wishlist), choosing your preferred style, and identifying which special features you require. Once you have all these details, you can book a design visit with one of our experts to guide you through the rest of the design process.

How Practical Are Freedom Kitchens for Wheelchair Users?

Freedom kitchens are designed with wheelchair users in mind. Features like varying worktop heights, including rise and fall worktops, and thoughtfully positioned appliances, as well as easy-to-access storage solutions ensure that the kitchen is practical and accessible for wheelchair users.

How Do I Book a Design Visit?

To book a design visit, simply get in touch with our team. We offer a free home assessment at a day or time that works best for you. You can request assistance by getting in touch with us by phone, webchat or email.

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