The bathroom can offer a moment of solitude in an otherwise busy life but it can also be a superb place to unwind and get rid of the stresses of the day with a nice hot shower or a warm bath.

The bathroom isn’t just another room in the house, it becomes our safe space. So what happens when it is not?

For some people, the bathroom can seem like the most dangerous room in the house. According to the National Institute on Aging, one-third of those aged 65 or older fall, each year and 80% of those falls occur in the bathroom.

It’s not surprising though when you think about it. Tile floors are slippery when wet and hard. Toilets, counters and baths are often so close together as to become extremely dangerous during a fall. For those with mobility issues getting in and out of the bath or shower or using the toilet can be fraught with danger.

How can you make your bathroom safer?

There is good news though, the bathroom can be made safe and accessible again. From raised toilets and sinks to walk-in baths, walk-in showers and wet rooms there are a host of options to meet your specific requirements.

  • Walk-in Bath –This is a great solution if stepping over the side of the bath has become more challenging or dangerous. A walk-in bathtub allows you to continue to relax in your bath but you can access it so much easier. And the beauty of it is that everyone in the house can use it making your bathroom accessible for the whole family
  • Walk-in Shower – Low Level or Level Access Walk-in Showers reduce or eliminate the step height into the shower making it easier to get in and out safely
  • Wet Room – A wet room is completely waterproof with the shower area being flush with the rest of the bathroom making the room itself the shower cubicle. These are especially important for those with limited mobility or who require wheelchair access

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The team at EA Mobility want you to be able to use your bathroom confidently. To us, your mobility solution is not about installing a product into your home, it’s about understanding your pain points and providing you with the right mobility solution to meet your needs. We need to keep you safe in the home that means the world to you.

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