Access Ramps

EA Mobility offers a comprehensive range of access ramps so we can enable the less-abled, disabled and elderly in the comfort of their homes by providing the right solutions for accessibility challenges. Having the right access solution is imperative to ensure you are kept comfortable and safe.


Quick and easy to deploy, our portable ramps come in many sizes and configurations. Whether you are looking for a solution to overcome a kerb, step or threshold, up to multiple steps or even vehicle access, our portable ramps provide the solution.

Key Points 

  • Ramps fold and clip together for compact storage
  • Very easy to carry and deploy
  • Anti-slip surface provides excellent grip and safety
  • Safety hinges with pinch protection
  • The lightest, yet highest strength-to-weight ratio ramps available on the market


Our Modular Ramp range is an attractive and extremely versatile ramping system, ideally suited to residential properties.

Whilst suitable for use as a permanent access solution, it requires limited or no ground fixing. If required to adapt or remove there is no disruptive demolition work required or remedial work after removal. Our modular ramping system has proved to provide excellent access solutions time and time again.

Key points

  • Totally modular
  • 4 Handrail colour options
  • Excellent value
  • Extremely durable
  • Anti-Slip technology
  • 10 Year design life
  • Complies with Document M for building regulations


In some instances, a modular system may not be feasible, due to the complexity of the site terrain. At EA Mobility, we can custom build our ramp systems.

Using components from our modular systems, our team of experts will survey and design a unique solution for you. As with all our ramp systems, our bespoke solutions can all be removed or adapted as needs change, leaving little or no surface impact.

Key Points

  • Flexible solution for every eventuality
  • Fast turnaround
  • CAD drawings available
  • Minimal install disruption
  • Easily removable with no disruption to surroundings

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