Walk-In Showers: Convenience and Safety

Flexible Usage

Our walk-in showers can be used standing or sitting down, featuring foldable wooden or padded seats for added comfort.


Perfect for a quick wash, walk-in showers are much faster than running a bath.


Designed for wheelchair and carer access with a variety of door options, making it ideal for those using mobility aids.

Safety Features

Equipped with ultra-low trays and optional grab rails, ensuring secure entry and exit.

Versatile Designs

Available in multiple sizes, including bath replacements, corner units, and compact models to fit various bathroom layouts.

Wet Rooms: Ultimate Accessibility

Seamless Access

Enjoy unobstructed, floor-level entry for easy movement in and out, offering maximum reassurance.

Dual Usage

Suitable for standing or sitting showers, with foldable wooden or padded seats included.

Non-Slip Flooring

Choose from a wide range of slip-resistant flooring options in attractive colors and mosaics.


The level wet room floor is perfect for wheelchair or mobility aid users.

Professional Installation

Ensures a leak-free and durable bathroom.

Ideal Placement

Suitable for both main bathrooms and en-suites.

Walk-In or Powered Baths: Relaxation and Ease

Versatile Designs

Our baths are designed to fit standard British homes, with door options on either side or the end.

Combination Use

Maintain the convenience of a traditional shower with an overhead option and added screen or curtain.

Luxury Options

Enhance your bathing experience with optional extras like Spa therapy, Chromotherapy, or a CosyWarm heated seat.

Powered Assistance

For those with limited mobility, powered seats with leg lifts ensure safe and comfortable entry and exit.

Size Options

Available in full-length for reclining or compact sit-in models, catering to varying mobility needs.

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