Smart Toilets

The smart toilet combines a toilet, bidet and drier in one unit. These are an essential item to keep personal hygiene maintained when upper body mobility issues are present.

Our smart toilet is designed to put you in control. Its innovative features include a hybrid hot water system with a continuous flow heater and a water storage heater that guarantees warm water even if the wash is run one after another.

The one minute wash cycle draws from the warmed tank of water and the continuous flow heater on the first use. This can be followed by another minute of wash with warm water directly from the continuous flow heater, whilst the water storage tank refills. Thanks to this technology you’ll always have a warm water wash and the confidence to feel clean.

Warm air drying will leave you feeling clean and fresh, combined with a single activation control panel for ease of use. Everything is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Key points

  • Unique one touch system allows the user to benefit from the toilets automatic functions by pressing the elbow pad
  • Removes hand/body contact and risk of faecal contamination
  • Delivers a consistent high level of cleanliness
  • Medical Class 1 certified
  • Can be adapted to accommodate users changing needs with height adjustment facility
  • Can be fitted in Zone 1 of a bathroom/wet room
  • Safe working load of 190kg/30st

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