The white, stainless-steel back-to-wall bariatric heavy-duty toilet pan is suitable for weights of up to 1000kg, or, when used with the optional heavy-duty toilet seat, weights of up to 500kg.

This bariatric toilet pan is made from 2mm thick stainless steel, with a white, ceramic look Enviro-Glaze finish, providing a strong and durable toilet with an attractive look. The pan has an ergonomically designed elongated bowl, with a smooth casing for easy cleaning.

  • Maximum User Weight: 1000kg (500kg with optional bariatric seat)
  • Width (mm): 610
  • Depth (mm): 736
  • Height (mm): 425
Back-To-Wall Bariatric Toilet

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel bariatric toilet has been designed with a load-bearing toilet seat suitable for user weights of up to 381kg, or when used without a seat, weights of up to 1000kg. This bariatric WC pan is made from 1.5mm 304 stainless steel, with a polished satin surface finish, and is designed with curved edges.

  • Maximum User Weight: 1000kg (381kg with optional bariatric seat)
  • Width (mm): 600
  • Depth (mm): 555
  • Height (mm): 400
  • Weight (kg): 30
Stainless Steel Bariatric Toilet


We’ve helped users across the country to live more comfortably. Find answers to some of their most common questions below:

What Is the Best Toilet for Seniors?

The best toilet for seniors would be a heavy-duty bariatric toilet. With its higher maximum user weight and extra wide WC pan, it is designed for comfort and safety. The close-coupled model is particularly suitable, accommodating a weight of up to 400kg.

An alternative option would be a smart toilet, which offers added features like a heated seat, self-cleaning function and remote control operation. Just be sure to check it meets your weight requirements.

Why Choose a Bariatric Toilet?

A bariatric toilet is specifically manufactured for heavier individuals or those with mobility limitations. It’s crafted with sturdier, more resilient materials such as stainless steel, capable of bearing significant user weights. Furthermore, the unique design elements like wider WC pans and curved edges ensure safer, more secure usage. The option of additional features such as concealed cisterns and back-to-wall designs cater to specific user needs and space constraints.

What Size Toilet Is Suitable for the Elderly?

The ideal size varies, but commonly, bariatric toilets designed for the elderly have an extra wide WC pan of 420mm, providing ample room for comfort and safety.

What Is the Weight Limit for a Bariatric Toilet?

The weight limit varies from model to model. For example, our stainless steel bariatric toilet can accommodate up to 1000kg without a seat and up to 381kg with an optional bariatric seat.

The extra weight-bearing ability of bariatric toilets is not merely a feature but a necessity for individuals who require additional support. This functionality is particularly crucial for larger users or individuals with limited mobility, as they often require additional stability and strength in their bathroom fixtures.

Standard toilets, often designed to support an average weight, may pose a safety risk for heavier users due to the potential for breakage or slippage. In contrast, bariatric toilets, designed with a higher maximum weight capacity, offer a far safer and more comfortable experience, ensuring inclusion and accessibility for all users. Furthermore, the enhanced weight-bearing capacity brings peace of mind to users and caregivers alike, prioritising safety without compromising on comfort or ease of use.

Is a Bariatric Toilet Suitable for My Home Bathroom?

Yes, bariatric toilets are designed to be installed in home bathrooms or care environments. At EA Mobility, our team will always ensure that the suitable toilet is chosen to meet your specific needs, taking into consideration factors such as user weight and available space. Our range of bariatric toilets offers a variety of options to suit different layouts and requirements, and so if you’re unsure which one is right for you, we encourage you to get in touch for no-obligation advice.

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