We’ve helped hundreds of users across the country to bathe more comfortably with a bath lift. Here are some of the most common questions asked by our customers:

What Is a Bath Lift?

A bath lift, also called a bath hoist or transfer aid, refers to a seat, belt, or pad that gently lowers you to the very bottom of the bath. This enables you to thoroughly immerse yourself in the water. After you’ve finished bathing, it then lifts you back out, providing a safe way for users with limited mobility to enjoy a relaxing bath.

How Does a Bath Lift Work?

The user sits on the anti-slip belt, which is then moved up and down to suit. The user has complete control by way of a simple button on the unit or a handheld control, making it the ideal range of bathtub lifts for disabled, elderly, or mobility-impaired people.

Who Are Bath Lifts Designed For?

Manufacturers primarily design bath lifts for individuals with limited mobility due to age, disability, or injury. This includes the elderly, people living with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery or an injury. They may find entering or exiting a bathtub safely challenging. Bath lifts provide these individuals with greater independence, allowing them to bathe comfortably and safely. Individuals achieve this without the need for significant physical exertion or assistance.

They are also an excellent aid for caregivers or carers in care homes, ensuring the safety of their charges or residents during bath time. By using a bath lift, individuals can maintain their bathing routine, promoting personal hygiene and enhancing overall quality of life.

Is a Belt Lift Better Than a Chair-Style Bath Lift?

We’ve found that bath lift chairs can take up an excessive amount of space in the bath. Additionally, they may not offer the most comfortable bathing experience for the user. On the other hand, anti-slip belts provide the benefits of a more secure and snug seating experience. This enables the user to fully immerse themselves in the water. They also occupy less space in the bath, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. This is particularly beneficial for taller users who require a larger area to fully stretch out their legs.

What’s more, the bath can be used conventionally by simply retracting the anti-slip belt.

How Easy Is a Bath Lift to Install?

EA Mobility designs bath lifts with user convenience in mind, and this is evident in the simplicity of their installation process. Unlike electric bath lifts that require an electrical input, our bath lifts are composed of a battery-powered bath seat with a rechargeable battery. This key design feature eliminates the need for complex electrical wiring during installation and means the product can be fitted to your existing bath.

This battery-powered design adds another level of safety, as there’s no risk of electrical faults while the lift is in use. Simply charge the battery using the provided charger, and your bath lift is ready for use. Our customers choose EA Mobility for its fuss-free installation, among many other reasons.

If you’re worried about the installation process, rest assured, our team of professionals will guide you through it, ensuring that your bath lift is installed correctly and safely.

Are Bath Lifts Expensive?

We’ve made every effort to make our bath lifts as accessible as possible, both in terms of affordability and ease of use. Cost-effective alternatives to expensive bathroom renovations, bath lifts provide individuals with access to independent bathing without breaking the bank. Moreover, we provide a 1-year warranty (plus the manufacturer’s guarantee) with our bath lifts, giving you peace of mind and assurance that we protect your investment.

How Safe Are Bath Lifts?

We prioritize safety in all of our accessible bath products and designs. We prioritize safety in all of our accessible bath products and designs. Our lifts come equipped with an adjustable safety belt with an anti-slip surface to minimise the risk of slips and falls. A simple button or a handheld device controls them, allowing the user to regulate their movement and ensuring a smooth and safe transition in and out of the bath. We thoroughly test our bath lifts for safety and durability, and they adhere to all regulatory standards, providing users with a reliable, safe solution for their bathing needs.

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